Look at the Birds

Birds have an enchanting ability to stop me in breathless wonder, grip my heart with the beauty of their delicate markings, feathers, and songs, and cause my heart to soar in awestruck admiration for the One who so intricately designed such marvelous  little displays of creative perfection.

The Dusty Plans in My Attic

Yesterday was my 29th birthday. I’m almost 30, which is awesome, but thinking about that… man, have I ever realized that I am not where I expected to be as I enter my 30s. Perhaps some of you feel the same way as you hit this milestone, or your 40th, or your 50th, or your retirement years.

Let’s travel back to 22 year old me…

Review: Is the Father of Jesus the God of MuhammAd?

Review: Is the Father of Jesus the God of MuhammAd?

Timothy George, the founding dean of Beeson Divinity School and an executive editor of Christianity Today, has written a helpful book: “Is the Father of Jesus the God of Muhammad?”

Ever since the September 11th terrorist attack on Americans, American Christians have experienced a heightened awareness of the presence and practices of the religion of Islam. George estimates that there are seven million Muslims and 13,000 mosques in North America. He then notes that some 200 million Muslims live in Indonesia and that there are more Muslims living in China alone than there are Southern Baptists in the whole world! Balanced and Biblical, he describes throughout the book the distinctions between Christianity and Islam...

Winter Must End

Is it just me or is Spring running late this year? It’s not just a little late (like I hurriedly searched for my keys for a hot minute before I bolted out the door, late). It’s REALLY late, like OH MY WORD! I TOTALLY FORGOT THAT WE PLANNED TO HAVE SPRING THIS YEAR! And it’s - frantically scrambling around for pants a week after spring was supposed to start - late. Every morning I wake up and think, “Today, I hope I can wear a t-shirt.” But, without fail, I’m obligated to a sweater for another day. It’s really bumming me out. Especially since we live in Charleston, South Carolina where I didn’t even know they believed in winter at all, let alone extended winter.