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The essentials: God & Scripture

JUNE 2, 9, 16, 23, 30

As a Christian, what do you believe? This may seem like a simple question to answer - until you try to answer it! In this interactive class we will introduce the essential doctrines of our faith, specifically about who God is and what the scriptures say. We will answer questions such as “Who is God?” “What do the scriptures teach?” and “What is the nature of God?” and focus on how these truths intersect with our daily lives. It is our hope that through this class you will be able to approach the question of what you believe with confidence


the story of redemption


Are you intimidated to read the Bible because it seems like a foreign language? Do you have a difficult time relating to the Bible and applying it to your life? Have you ever felt like the Bible presents a different God in the Old Testament from the one in the New? Does the Old Testament sometimes seem unimportant because it just points out the need for Jesus? Do you ever feel numb to biblical “stories” because you’ve heard them since you were a child? If any of these questions connects with you, we’d love for you to attend this class. God has a plan for fixing this broken world, and he has been unfolding and working that plan out through history. We will look at that single grand story, and how the chapters work together and build on each other to make it a narrative greater than any we could imagine…and yet one in which we live!


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