The Rarest Resolutions

Christmas has come and gone which means that New Years is practically here and, with it, will come an abundance of looking back - and looking forward. I fall strictly into the category of people who do NOT make resolutions. I am too much of a pirate for resolutions. Do you remember that scene in the first Pirates of the Caribbean when Elizabeth boards the Black Pearl, making demands based on the Pirate Code, and Captain Barbossa responds with “the code is more what you’d call guidelines than actual rules”? Yes, well, that’s me.

That Three Dimensional Christmas Feeling

I am sure that we’ve all at least one fond memory of being a child in possession of a pop-up book. Pause a moment, look back, and picture the book resting in your tiny lap…your eyes reveling in child-like wonder at the unthinkable magic and beauty that this pop-up book afforded your imaginative mind. With every recurring turn of the page came a unique, three-dimensional surprise – a page-turning new world of unfathomable creation – set into motion by an author whose imagination withstood all obstacles.

When it's Not the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Before you begin reading this, I want to take the time to tell you that you are not alone and that you might be wired for failure and shame - but you are worthy of belonging and you are worthy of being loved. There have been many mornings in my life where I wake up, make my coffee, look in the mirror, and tell myself those words that were passed along to me in an extremely difficult season of my life. It seems like around Christmas time, I am telling myself those words more as I get older.

The One Gift We Forget to Give

It’s that time of year where gift-giving is everywhere! Christmas gifts are being purchased and wrapped to be placed under trees, food items are being collected for food banks, toys are being collected for families who have needs, shoe boxes filled with gifts are being packed to send to children in other countries, gift exchange parties are being held, end of the year bonuses are being given, and gift cards are being handed out to people who serve us (hair dressers, mailman, lawn care providers, and so on)…it’s definitely a season to make choices and decisions of what to give to others.