Review: Instruments in the Redeemer's Hands

A beautiful guitar locked in its case may resemble many church members. How? A guitar is designed with the intention to be played upon by another so that the music of the instrument can be heard by all. It was never meant to stay in the case! Author Paul David Tripp seizes upon this idea and develops it in his book Instruments in the Redeemers Hands. What is the book about? What were some of its weaknesses? Did any sections grip and grow my own understanding of being a person in need of change helping people in need of change? Read on and consider reading this book if you want to help the ones you love change in areas where they get spiritually stuck.

Learning to Pursue Sacrifice

As Americans, most of our life is consciously and unconsciously built around trying to avoid discomfort of any kind. But we cannot forget that wrapped up in the promise of blessing and comfort from Christ, we are also promised that we will share in His suffering while on this earth. Suffering is unavoidable. When we inoculate ourselves to any discomfort, any irritation, any self-sacrifice, then, when we are struck with promised suffering, it bowls us over.

Growing Pains

Once upon a time two little seeds fell to the ground and slowly sunk into the damp soil. The seeds were adjacent to a large window in the front yard of a family’s home in the suburbs. One seed had everything it needed to become a comfortable weed. The other seed would become a comforting red rose.

One day they both broke through the earth’s carpet and began to sunbathe and sway in the warm wind.

Look at the Birds

Birds have an enchanting ability to stop me in breathless wonder, grip my heart with the beauty of their delicate markings, feathers, and songs, and cause my heart to soar in awestruck admiration for the One who so intricately designed such marvelous  little displays of creative perfection.