A Day at the Beach

Guest Blogger: Pastor John

Have you ever watched people at the beach? There are all types enjoying the setting in their own particular ways. Some enjoy basking in the sun---very rarely going in the water. Others enjoy walking the beach while taking in the scenery and having a conversation with a friend. Still others will wade into the waves as they break but not venture any further. Some enjoy the water and spend most of their time in the ocean.  A few will try to ride the water with boards and devices.  This is very similar to one’s involvement in mission work. Some people will serve on a missions team only in controlled environments---where they speak a common language or eat food they are familiar with. Others will, over time, attempt a new challenge in a location where the problems come faster and the difficulties are harder. Although the challenges are different, the rewards are as well.

Here is how Metro North Church has created mission opportunities so you can find what God is calling you to do:

In Church Missions -  Serving in the local church as nursery worker, usher, greeter, KICK teacher, youth leader, member of the praise team, productions team, etc. (You are serving with people you know in a relatively known context.)

Local Community Missions –Serving locally outside the church at a soup kitchen, service organization, volunteering at a public school or library, coaching a ball team, etc. (You are serving with people you may not know in a context that may be a little new or even foreign.)

Stateside Missions- Serving on a missions trip in the United States. For Metro North this includes serving on our mission trip to Orangeburg or at a Workcamp. (You are serving in a new context with people who are new, sleeping in a new place, and maybe eating some new foods.)

International Missions – Serving on a foreign mission trip for a time period of one week to one year.  For Metro North we have taken past trips to Jamaica, Bulgaria, and Juarez, Mexico. (Here you will serve people you may never meet again, who speak a different language, and eat strange foods.)

Long-Term Missions - Finally there are those who accept the biggest challenge. They have listened to the call of God to go and serve in other nations for possibly years. They accept the challenge of each new context and trust the Lord to expand His kingdom through them. These are the missionaries we regularly support like the Romans in Bulgaria, The Goodwins in Germany, the Jones in North Africa, and the Bakelaars in Japan. Their sacrifice is huge and we can regularly pray for them as they serve.

What’s the point in all of this? Simply put, God uses each of us in every one of these spheres. In each venue He’s calling us to serve and to continually trust Him more as we meet new challenges, learn new truths about Him, and serve new people.

In September our Missions team will begin promoting the available trips for this coming summer, which this year will include a local mission trip, a stateside mission trip and an international opportunity.  Prayerfully consider what God would have you do. Take the first step and start serving in some area of mission!

John Schley
Associate Pastor
Metro North Church