The One Gift We Forget to Give

It’s that time of year where gift-giving is everywhere! Christmas gifts are being purchased and wrapped to be placed under trees, food items are being collected for food banks, toys are being collected for families who have needs, shoe boxes filled with gifts are being packed to send to children in other countries, gift exchange parties are being held, end of the year bonuses are being given, and gift cards are being handed out to people who serve us (hair dressers, mailman, lawn care providers, and so on)…it’s definitely a season to make choices and decisions of what to give to others.

Press Mute

It has been a busy fall for us. School, church engagements, work, friends and family coming in to town, doctor’s appointments and fall festivities all crammed into 2 and a ½ very short months. Busy busy busy and in the rare moments when not busy, we have craved some relaxation, some brain candy, some way to shut down and truly disengage from the overload. Hello, Facebook. Hello, Instagram. Hello, TV show, movie, book. Distract us, help us to unwind and relax.


Why read a book about the identity and implications of Jesus?

I am thrilled to read great books in a community. Over the past two years I have been reading and rereading REFLECT by Thaddeus J. Williams with a group of guys at church. It’s been a real hit and I want you to see why. Maybe you’ll even go out and read it with a group of your friends.