• Prayer

Members will be encouraged to pray for the church and community. Opportunities for intercessory prayer will be made available through prayer teams, Concerts of Prayer, prayer walking and days of fasting and prayer.

  • Missional

We are relational and friendship-oriented. Our strategy includes exposing others to God’s Word and God’s people through non-threatening events and ministries. People have the freedom to ask questions and explore the Christian faith.

  • Grace-filled Environment

Grace and acceptance permeates our thinking and actions. We offer freedom from “long-faced religion” and the consequences of wrong choices.

  • Dynamic Worship

Our approach is God-centered: celebrative - expressing our joyful enthusiasm, praise and amazement toward our glorious Lord and Savior in a manner that is genuine, uplifting, refreshing and culturally accurate while remaining true to our Reformed heritage of worship. This is an appropriate response to the awareness of the depth of our indebtedness to Jesus Christ and His unmerited grace as the basis of our overwhelming passion for His praise and glory.

  • Small Groups

Life Groups, our small group ministry, is the key strategy for caring and building friendships.  Instead of being a church “with” small groups we are a church “of” small groups.  We believe that true care is best practiced by “every member being a minister,” rather than a “professional staff” taking that responsibility.

  • Relevant Teaching and Preaching

We teach the Bible – all of it. Consistent exposure to God’s Word in practical and applicable approaches will make an impact in the lives of people.

  • Creativity, Innovation and Excellence

We owe both the Lord and others our absolute best. We will not be afraid to change if our ministries and programs can be more effective.

  • Prospective Member Class

The Connect Class is essential and required for every person joining the church. It is a vital part of our assimilation process.  Since God is a covenant making God, we commit to each other in covenant membership.

  • Equipping for Ministry

“Every member is a minister.  Every member is a missionary.” Church members should equate membership with ministry to others and living a “sent” lifestyle. There are a few pastors and staff members but there are many ministers and missionaries.

  • Planting Biblical Churches

We will extend our impact locally, nationally and globally by planting new churches with biblical philosophies of ministry to reach their communities with the gospel.

  • Simple Structure

The church’s organizational structure will be streamlined to maximize ministry and minimize maintenance. Structure must facilitate ministry, not hinder.  

  • Building Bridges to Our Community

We will seek to build bridges of influence to our community through acts of love and good deeds.  We are a church “for” the community as we live “in” the community.