•  Grace

We are committed to being a grace-oriented congregation. Since our salvation is by grace alone, we must show grace to both believer and unbeliever alike by accepting others as God has accepted us.

  • Truth

We are committed to obeying and applying God’s inerrant Word, the Bible, which equips us for all of life and ministry, and to the historic Reformed Faith expressed in the Westminster Confession of Faith and the Larger and Shorter Catechisms.

  • Unity

We are committed to maintaining the unity of the Holy Spirit through the bond of peace by giving and receiving forgiveness and by honoring and respecting one another.

  • Love

We are committed to loving God with our whole heart and loving our neighbors as ourselves. We understand that we love because God first loved us and that we can’t say we love God if we do not love one another. Our love must be intentional, sacrificial and practical.


  • Worship

We are committed to individual and corporate worship that focuses on the Triune God, offering ourselves in obedient service to bring Him praise, glory and honor.

  • Prayer

We are committed to deepening our relationship with God through the privilege of prayer. We realize that a church that prays is a powerful church where the Holy Spirit works in supernatural ways. God uses our prayers to accomplish His sovereign plans and purposes.

  • Evangelism

We are committed to sharing the gospel of God’s grace to those who have yet to believe in Jesus Christ. Apart from faith in Jesus Christ there is no salvation. It is our desire to assimilate new believers into the life and ministry of the church.

Ministry of All Believers

We are committed to every member ministering in the church and community with his or her spiritual gifts.

  • World Missions

We are committed to reaching the world with the gospel by intercessory prayer and sacrificially offering ourselves, our finances and our children as evidence of our commitment.

  • Spiritual Growth

We are committed to helping members grow spiritually and equipping them to carry out the Great Commission to be disciple makers.

  • Fellowship

We are committed to the mutual sharing of our lives through supportive relationships where needs are identified and met.

  • The Home

We are committed to establish, encourage and enrich the Christian homes of couples, families and singles, including those experiencing strained or severed relationships.

  • Mercy Ministry

We are committed to being openhanded as we minister to the needy through deeds of mercy.

  • The Church

We are committed to the local church as the visible Body of Christ and the primary agent for building God’s kingdom on earth; therefore, we are committed to Metro North Church and to the Presbyterian Church in America – its beliefs and polity – as part of the worldwide Church.

  • The Sovereignty of God

We are committed to submitting to the sovereign plan of Almighty God in our lives and in our church. God is in control of all things and His purposes and plans are never thwarted. All things happen for God’s glory and for our good.