Metro North Church passionately support parents in the discipleship and nurture of their children. At MNC, parents find a strong community of other parents walking through the joys and struggles of raising kids. You are not alone in this wonderful and overwhelming responsibility!

Why the nursery?   MNC desires to help you train up your children to enjoy life with God and others. So, for children under 3 yrs of age, we provide nursery services so we can minister to each child at his or her level.

What age is it for?  The nursery is available for infants up to 20 months old.  The toddler room is for children 20 - 36 months.

Where is it?  As you enter through the main double doors, the nursery and toddler rooms are to your right on the main hall, between the entrance and the bathrooms. 

What is MNC’s well child policy?   Please do not leave your child in the nursery if, in the past 24 hours, he/she experienced a green, runny nose, fever, open sores/rash (other than a mild diaper or heat rash), diarrhea and/or vomiting.

What about snacks?  We provide snacks for those in our toddler nursery only.  

What do I bring?  Bring everything your child will need, i.e. diaper bag with diapers,  sippy cup/bottle, formula, change of clothes, etc. Please label diaper bag, cups and bottles.  Please do not bring toys from home.

Who do I ask? If you have other questions or concerns call the church office at at 843.764.0873 or go to our  CONTACT US form and submit your questions and someone will call you with answers.

First time? Still hesitant?  Anxiety in children (and parents!) is normal. Anxious children often settle down after parents leave, so just put your cell phone on “vibrate” and leave your cell number on the sign-in sheet.  If crying persists or the child needs you, we will call you.