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Church History: Beginnings

September 2019

The church as we know it today has developed over a long period of time from a small group praying in an upper room, to millions of people around the world. How did it all start? How was the church able to survive its earliest days? Join Nate Arnold as we look at very start of the church that we see in Acts and some of the early church fathers and how the church began its spread through the entire world.

The Essentials: God & Scripture

Summer 2019

As a Christian, what do you believe? This may seem like a simple question to answer - until you try to answer it! In this interactive class we will introduce the essential doctrines of our faith, specifically about who God is and what the scriptures say. We will answer questions such as “Who is God?” “What do the scriptures teach?” and “What is the nature of God?” and focus on how these truths intersect with our daily lives. It is our hope that through this class you will be able to approach the question of what you believe with confidence

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Tilling the soil & planting the seed

January 2019

We live in an increasingly secular culture that emphasizes relativism and expressive individualism. It feels like minds, not just hearts, are set against the gospel. In this environment...How do we help someone see their need for the Gospel? How do we communicate in a language they can understand? How do we reason with them for the gospel? How do I respond to their objections? Is there any secret "sauce" in evangelism that makes the gospel resonate better? In this class, we endeavored to tackle these questions and provide you with resources to take the next steps in loving your neighbor with the gospel.

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Understanding the Bible Jesus used

January 2019

When we read about Jesus, we ultimately find him speaking and quoting from the Old Testament, but what does this have to do with us? How can the Old Testament still be relevant to us today? How do I even read and understand it? We surveyed the Old Testament so that you can understand it like Jesus did.

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October 2018

The good news of gospel is an unfolding story in four parts: Creation, Fall, Redemption and Restoration. Join us for an interactive study as we seek to understand why the gospel story matters to us. As we engage this story, we want to equip you to share it with boldness and confidence.

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Breaking the ice

September 2018

Our very first Equip class, Breaking the Ice was a 4-week course designed to equip Christians to bridge the gap between why you should share the story of Christ and how you can do it.